Friday, February 24, 2006

The throw down

Many thanks to everyone who came out to see the Unbuckled show last night at DC9 last night, and many many warm waves of gratitude to The Hard Tomorrows and Olivia Mancini and the Housemates for the great music. Both bands rocked with serious abandon. Everyone who ever said I'd love The Hard Tomorrows was totally prescient---Natalya, I'm looking at you. They rock with skill and purpose and have a terrific variety of songs...and they've got a passel of dedicated fans who already know all this! Join them!--they play the Black Cat on March 27 with Greenland and it's a firm recommendation that you go. They've got a record coming out in May as well. And what can I say about Olivia and her Housemates? Sideprojects are the new black, yo. She took the stage and commenced to ripping the hell out of her Rickenbacker, playing material that doesn't fit her regular band's style but really was simply too good to leave unsung. And, like I said with the Georgie James--it wasn't an offhand project that yielded dribbling wonkiness. Tight, hummable tunes that really caught the crowd by surprise. Plus, Olivia's just a badass frontwoman in her own right. If you aren't going to see Stars tonight, Olivia's main gig, The Washington Social Club, plays Iota tonight.

It was much fun meeting fans of the band, DCists old and new--and especially great to finally meet Jeff Jetton and Laura Burhenn after so many email conversations! And best wishes go out to Kriston Capps, travelling to Istanbul today. Like I said last night, go and have the sex!

[photo by leafblower]


nm said...

Woohoo! Glad you liked The Hard Tomorrows as much as you did! You know how you said that sometimes you get the feeling that Kyle's more into Nethers than Nethers are into Nethers? Yeah, I think I might be like that about The Hard Tomorrows, but damn, they're so good.

wharman said...

Damn, I didn't see the DCeiver in the sea last night.