Thursday, February 16, 2006

Who's being fatuous now, Andy McCarthy?

National Review Online blogger Andy McCarthy writes in from some deeply Xanaxed place:

By contrast, the transparently partisan hyperbole (I mean, Aaron Burr? Gimme a break!) and the unrestrained glee in reaction to a mishap is over the top even by Washington standards. Normal people look at this and see in a froth over an accident the same people who couldn't summon up a pulse over President Clinton's INTENTIONAL misconduct. It's the Veep they'll empathize with.

I'm not trying to compare Clinton and Cheney -- although that may not be a bad idea.

I agree that it's a little to facile to compare Cheney's exploits to Aaron Burr. Sure, Burr was the last Vice President to shoot a man, but to suggest that Cheney's exploits were comparable would do Burr a great disservice, considering Alexander Hamilton was not specifically bred to be an easier target for unskilled hunters.

But to compare Cheney's response to Clinton's? Uhm, Andy? Maybe you aren't aware of this... but, in contrast to rifle shot, cum can be washed off one's face with soap and water.


Ed said...

Oh, I love the right-wing chattering class's "normal people" meme. It's so delicious. "Normal people look at this and see a froth over an accident ..." Whatever. How the fuck does some NRO fuck know what a "normal" person thinks?

Normal people probably think Cheney's an idiot, a bad hunter, and an evil person. Hell, he has only 24% approval ratings right now. So any apologists for this fuck are just delusional.

DCepticon said...

Most normal people have shot a family member and only want to shoot a Republican Lawyer from Texas.