Friday, March 24, 2006

DCeptette: Car Dealer Desaparecidos Version

  1. Very sorry I wasn't able to make it out to see Georgie James tonight. Hope those of you that did had a good time.
  2. There is a gentleman who works at the CVS across the street from me that looks exactly like Lou Dobbs. But, you know what? For once, I've decided not to let this sort of thing disturb me.
  3. I, too, find that sun-damaged, sweater-vested Crystal Koons to be a source of extreme irritation, but if you ask me, the real question is: What have they done with the blonde Alex of Alexandria Toyota? It's like she's been disappeared! I thought we had 24-hour newschannels for the expressed purpose of tracking down missing white girls! [Why I Hate DC]
  4. Apparently, the guy from the Seabee statue may be a member of the Super Adventure Club. Submitted for your approval, another entry in the Great Statues Of Questionable Intent Toward Children, pictured above. That picture is the statue of Arthur Ashe on Richmond's Monument Avenue, where I used to live. My wife knew the sculptor, so I never talked shit about it for fear that he might be in the room, but, outside of the fact that it does depict someone who actually WON something--a first for Monument Avenue, which otherwise depicts the losers of the War Between The States--it is hideous. It features Ashe, holding books in one raised arm, a tennis racket in the other, standing in defiance before a trio of cowering children. My unofficial title of the statue is "I'm Keeping These Books, Now Get Off My Lawn Before I Whoop You Upside The Head With My ProKennex!" [Pygmalion in a Blanket]
  5. These days, whenever I have to answer the question, I just tell people I'm a minesweeper. [Craigslist]


The Governess said...

my brother lives on monument now. if you look to the right off his balcony, you see the ashe statue in all it's glory. it is indeed a fine, fine specimen.

Anonymous said...

I still say the Boy Scout Memorial near the White House is way creepier.

the Nabob said...

I agree with Anon, the BSA Memorial is creepier. New site perhaps?