Monday, March 06, 2006

Dceptette: Pompous Art Gallery Owners Battle Nice Old Ladies in Velour Version

  1. Wait! Is it too late for one last Brokeback Mountain joke? [Washington Oculus]
  2. The Jonathan Rees campaign continues, but based on the changes to his website, it looks as if he's lost the critical endorsement of Collective Soul! Heavens to Betsy! All eyes are on the quixotic Rees as he tries to earn the favor of Seven Mary Three. (We're guessing Better Than Ezra stands with Sam Brooks and his pronounced anti-Ezra policies.) [The Reestasm!]
  3. The schmuckiest thing you'll read this month.
  4. One of the nice things about Washington, DC is that, up to now, people have generally too much self-respect to devolve into the shame-inducing pursuit of craptiviana that goes on in other metropolises that I won't mention. However, while we stood gawking at the wonder that is the Tivoli Giant, we found something on its shelves that disturbed me greatly--a single sixpack of Sparks. We know full well of the fashion victims that frequent the Warehouse Theatre coffeebar, and if that sixpack were to fall into there hands, there is no doubt that it would touch off the same weekly hipster-smack STD armageddon that afflicts other cities. Look on this devastating vision of DC's possible future, and despair. [via Gawker--Not Safe For Work, frankly, not safe for anyone, anywhere. That videotape from The Ring is healthier.]
  5. The City Paper is touting a redesign that really isn't much of a redesign at all. Just everything moved around and in different colors. Whatevers. We have little faith in online content from people who haven't yet realized that their InDC forums are little more than a long-forgotten old-school alt.blahblah newsgroup that's been taken over by seven or so people for their own addle-brained amusement. [DCist]

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Anonymous said...

I remember at one DC9 Liberation Dance Party, Sparks was just being introduced, and Sparks girls were walking around passing out free cans. I never thought I would see something of that sort there, and I never thought Sparks would catch on. Yikes.

-Former Red Line