Saturday, March 25, 2006

DCeptette: Ponies for Everybody Version

  1. Congratulations to George Mason! I don't want to get too ahead of myself, but the crowd for the next game is going to be the most vocally pro-Mason crowd in the history of the school. Check out the FG defense stats. Consider how UConn has now wobbled past a third Tourney opponent. If they're scared to death in Storrs tonight, they ought to be. [Washington Post]
  2. Slowly but surely, we're arriving at a scientifically unimpeachable unified field theorem for Clarendon's Mister Days. [Craigslist]
  3. Fest Fulk of Rock? Fest Full of Fav! And that's Fest Full of Best. Satellite Ballroom in the Hook is blowin' up Saturday night. [Tiny Mix Tapes]
  4. We second this nomination! [Wonkette]
  5. It took me about four seconds to figure out the source of this little tiff. Have I ever mentioned that I regularly fuck someone who was in archy and mehitabel? How about that! And, apropos of nothing in particular, I'll name some names: Mike Abdo and Virginia Heffernan. Just sayin'. [Theaterboy]


confused said...

ami i stupid? i still havent figured out that theaterboy thing...

The Deceiver said...

You aren't stupid. I had the advantage of thinking like a blogger.

Go back to Theaterboy. Consider some of the posts he made previously. Follow your instincts.