Tuesday, March 28, 2006

He and Catherine "Cockpunch" Andrews would make a sweet ass UVA crime fighting team.

The gentleman who writes the Rock Creek Rambler is among the city's finest--an unassuming looking guy with an agile mind and a wicked side that makes me glad he hasn't fallen into the wrong hands. Plus, he loved him some John Spencer.

From his post today:

I'm sitting at the bar, you come up from behind and place your arm around me like I'm your best friend and start muttering in drunkspeak. Oh, hell no. Dude, that's a good way to get stabbed in the neck with a pen that says "Toledo Lounge" on it.

Dude. Here's the thing. I have NO DOUBT he carries these pens around with him at all times for this very purpose.

Talk about a calling card. It's the V For Vendetta of Washington, DC.

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rcr said...

I actually do have one in my coat pocket. I have't used it to stab anyone yet though, mostly for writing.