Monday, March 20, 2006

In Memoriam: Castle Fun Fun

Mark Sullivan pens a fitting obituary for a DC institution, Castle Fun Fun, which for years has been a second home to a shifting coterie of arty-slash-non-profity types. It owed its existence to their certifiably crazy landlord, who long charged a ridiculously low rent for a townhouse withing shitting distance of the posh snobs at the Ellington, their fishbowl windows and bad Mexican food. One of the major contributions made by CFF to the world was, of course, this blog, as well as its tirelessly pursued mission: to create a blog that Marybeth Fritsky would like. We continue on. May Castle Fun Fun begin again.

This, of course, creates a high likelihood that living in a similar group house becomes a key criteria for the next great Rorschach company member. Someone call Lauren Hyland and Grady Weatherford--reality show possibilities abound.

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