Friday, March 10, 2006

Notes From The Living Room

Very eventful week, and it's too bad I've felt so under the weather here at the end of it. Alex and I had another fun day today, and this time we weren't slowed by any sort of epic Gawker outage. Hope you guys got out in the beautiful weather.

  • Hey. UVA finally won an ACC tournament game! Suddenly I'm totally glad the conference sold out and added all those teams. Suck it, Virginia Tech! The guys are putting up a valiant fight against the Tarheels--our D is straight-up all OVER Taylor Handjob. But man, we're gonna lose...we need some more offensive players on this team. Diane should NEVER be jacking threes unless it's the last five seconds of a game against Longwood. It's all Singletary and Reynolds right now, and you can tell how flat-out tired they are.
  • Car is not starting. Gotta wait ten minutes or something like that. Starter...battery...I don't know. Got no time to deal with it.
  • I should have maybe told everyone about this know...ADVANCE, so you could have heard it, but I was interviewed by a radio show called The Young Turks, who wanted to know more about this. I'm not sure when they'll have the March 9 show posted, but if you've got a dollar laying around not contributing to your personal microeconomy, you can spend it and listen. I come in about an hour and forty-five minutes into it, I think. If you want to give it a pass, that's yr biz. Just assume I was brilliant, 'cause I totally was.
  •'s the difference between how you feel when you lose to UNC versus how you feel when you lose to Duke. When you lose to UNC, it's because guys like Rayshawn Terry make INCREDIBLE shots like that dangling-in-the-air layup. When you lose to Duke, it's because the fucking ref didn't start the clock when Wojo inbounded the ball or they just let one of their players assault you when you're going up for a shot. OH WELL. Redick is great, but he'll never be as loved as that autistic kid who jacked those six threes in garbage time. They are going to make a movie about that kid. Ang Lee will fuckin' direct it. Redick can buy a ticket.
  • Speaking of: congrats Ang Lee! First NON-HONKY to win Best Director!
  • Also, mad thanks to Rachel Sklar! She sent the South Dakota strategy piece to Salon's Broadsheet, and while I don't think I ultimately managed to convince Farhad Manjoo, he gave it a pretty fair hearing, so respect. Shayna'll be happy that her legal architecture withstood the scrutiny of Tim Grieve. We did it man! You're the best lawyer I ever sort of retained!
  • Also shocking: no woman has EVER even been NOMINATED for Best Cinematographer! Is DOP-land some sort of sausage factory or what?
  • The Mai, Wife of DCeiver's directorial debut, is straight blowin' up--like I done said it would. Peep some love from the WaPo!

Oh well. Gonna try to sleep the sick away. Later: Delaware. So, Bluestate and Martin, sorry that I won't be seeing you. Kanishka, you be careful in Islamabad. Expect Wonketry through Wednesday with only light DCeption. I may find a quiet place to do nothing Thursday. Friday I'll be filling in for Kyle in support of he and Natalya's Agenda.

Finally, one last bit of conversational goodness.

"Besides, fucking Biz Markie is THE SHIT. I want him at MY FUNDRAISER."

"Tell me about it. His job is his credit."


"Actually...Biz Markie gives me an idea..."


"Actually there's one that's better: 'Biz Markie is in the next room, making pancakes.'"


PK said...

Just a correction over your first sentence - we won an ACC tourney game last year, too.

The Cut said...

GW #8 seed is terrible. St. Joseph's were god's gift to b-ball a few years back and got a #1 seed. This is close to the same situation. Gonzaga sucks it up in their (weak) conference tourney (on their home court) and gets a #3 seed no problem. 8 seed?????? What????? The biggest travesty of the tourney. Tennessee #2 and GW #8?????????? What??????

Alex said...

Hey, you have a great blog here! I'm definitely going to bookmark you.


PK said...

cut - I agree with you. And the problem with a low seed is that the traditional argument - that you should play your way out of it to prove people wrong - doesn't make sense. I mean, we all know that GW doesn't stand a very good chance against Duke, whether they were a #8 or #4 or whatever... but if they were #4, they would at least not have to play them until the Sweet 16.

The Hoos lost at Stanford last night because the crazy-ass NIT seeded them 8th (to play at a 7) but somehow gave the 9 seed a home game against a 10. ?!?!?!?! And they got spanked, because they had to fly 3000 miles on one day's notice and they're a bad road team anyway. Thank god we start a home-and-home with Stanford next year at the Clam II where we can pound on their asses and get revenge in a game that counts.

The Cut said...

UVA didn't want to win that game just to go play another on the road did they? Save face get those GPAs up and get ready for next year. It's hard to watch Vandy play because the Hoos could've really used Derrick Byars. Put him in Adrian Joseph's place and think about what could have been.

PK said...

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about Byers. We could have used Gary Forbes and Donte Minter this year too, but Byers was the best of the three.

The Cut said...

Forbes is at UMass now and Minter transferred to my school App State. ASU originally recruited him, but UVA gave him a chance to play in the ACC. I guess he couldn't hack it, but he will help us immediately. I wonder if those guys think,"what if?" too? It seems like the shakiness in the coaching for UVA has turned them into the LA Clippers of the NCAA. Lots of talent coming in and transferring (stabbing and thugging for some)wondering what could have been.

PK said...

Minter was a great offensive player his first year. Apparently he had some sort of crippling knee problems, and I don't know the full story but he left this year after playing a few minutes. I just assumed that Leitao didn't like his work ethic in rehab or something... either that, or he noticed that Donte Don't Do Defense.

I suspect both Forbes and Byars would have flourished in the Leitao system, because both seemed hobbled by Gillen's "you miss one and you sit" coaching. In an actual offensive system, designed to get actual shots, they both will do well.

But yeah, the transfer carnage really piled up over the last few years. Jermaine Harper, Kris Hunter, Keith Jenifer, Majestic Mapp, even back to Courtney Alexander... all for different reasons, but the song remains the same.