Friday, March 31, 2006

Tonight: Subverting The Agenda @ Cuebar

Hey folks. The Agenda once again risks DJing jumping the shark by inviting me to come play with them. It'll be me and the Information Leafblower soundtracking your billiards sessions and Hennessey quaffing as Natalya seeks irony out of town. I'll be playing genre-appropriate local music where I can, and I also have new things from Morrissey, Phoenix, the Secret Machines, The Cinematics and Hard-Fi. And because it's me, there will also be Pulp, Strokes, and Radio 4. Because I'm a geek for those guys. Sorry.

Come and enjoy. Especially if you want your requests for Bruce Springsteen to get turned down for a third week in a row. Though I'll have Leafblower do the honors.

It all happens at Cuebar on U Street, tonight: 10pm-3am. Maybe I'll bring my foot massager.

And remember: the music we play is specifically designed to induce massive pain in the souls of all plagiarists.


nm said...

Have fun! Maybe you'll get a Bon Jovi request too, like I did last week.

Anonymous said...

I'd stop by ... if i didnt live 6 hours away.