Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Where you'll find me tomorrow.

Hey my dirties. Tomorrow, I'll be beginning a six-day hang in the Gawkersphere guesting at Wonkette, where I'll be tag-teaming with the kid from up Buck Hill, Alex Pareene. His sauce shall mix with mine. I'd like to pay homage to David by blogging as a woman--I thought that maybe I could sign everything as "Margot, known as 'Missy,'" or something like that. But they don't do bylines anymore. So I'll just be plain ol' me, commingling sauce. And, you know...WINGING it, big time. So stay alert, Wonkette tipsters. Keep watching the sky. Don't stop believing. Shock the monkey.


nick said...

Cool. You own that gig, dude.

Anonymous said...

yet.. you still suck

The Deceiver said...

Poor anonymous.