Tuesday, April 18, 2006

DCeptette: I've Got You Under My Penumbra Version.

  1. Laws of unintended consequences: What is the over/under on the number of weeks it takes the Information Leafblower to realize that the DCeiver is only fun in small doses? I'll optimistically guess three, but the rest of you should be finding out whether over/unders can be expressed in fractions.
  2. Let me reiterate: Shayna is my personal retainer, now and forever. But I think she'll agree that whenever we need amicus briefs or opposing counsel to sit in on our colossally hott moot court sessions, these song parodies have all but ensured that we'll be turning to Loop first [Thrown For a Loop, also here.]
  3. Dude. Chief Moose is so fuckin' Moosilicious that I cannot even stand it. After saving the District from the sniper, he gave MoCo the Heisman after they wouldn't let him write a book, laughed all the way to the bank, and was the subject of at least one totally awesome video game parody. Now he's moving to Hawaii to basically walk the beat in the style of Family Guy's Gumbel To Gumbel. That, my friends, is hot. And even better, my lifelong dream of co-hosting a variety show called Gettin' Shitfaced in Oahu With Chief Moose is one step closer to being a reality. So best. Chief Moose, you rule! [The Reliable Source]
  4. Speaking of The Reliables, Wife of DCeiver totes wants to watch Roxy dazzle the people on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, but we're about a month away from the taller dollars needed to get those tickets. I'll totally escalate shit with Media Matters, thus providing you with several days of made to order grafs if y'all could hook a blogga up! Wife totally thinks that Roxy gives the best sell of the fake news stories, too. She's always saying that!
  5. "Spooning, fondling, groping, making out, fingering, showering, going for a jog and washing up afterwards -- anything can be a lot of fun." Yes, this Hill Staffer is prepared to unleash some serious kink on the Craigslist community if only you answer his call. But don't worry--it'll be totally wholesome! He is, after all "start[ing] Easter early!" Awww. You just know Jesus appreciates that. [Craigslist]


Retainer said...

Dude. You are SO RIGHT.

Red Line said...

Chief Moose was one of my only famous person sightings while in DC. He and his wife were using the self checkout behind me at Giant in Silver Spring.
She bagged.