Saturday, April 08, 2006

DCeptette: Neko was the case that they gave me version.

  1. Doubleplus-ugh. From the Annals of All-Time and Unbelievable WTFery. Making fun of bums: Bad karma thing to do. When I detrained at McPherson Square this afternoon, I knew I detected the fragrance of pompous asshole. [Metblogs]
  2. Call it a error by macro, but I think it'd be a great name for the BB&T classic. Hell, I'd go so far as to say we should call them Ruben Boumtje-Boumtke guns! You'll shoot your eye out! [Pygmalion In A Blanket]
  3. Hoping that this will keep everybody in the mood for Metro humor at least through Monday night. [Craigslist]
  4. The first time a City Desk reader suggested comment moderation to stem the tide of He Who Must Not Be Named and his comment stream spam, the Powers That Be over at City Desk said: "Here's the deal: The guy's a pain in your ass because you keep responding to him. Ignore him and he will go away." Reading that, we couldn't suppress a knowing chuckle. Naivete can be so gollydarned cute. Well, it's safe to say after scrolling through this comment stream, they are all a little bit wiser, and maybe won't be as quick to toss around "Here's the deal" to people who've known what the deal is for a long time. [City Desk]
  5. I still say that this is the one of the worst restaurant recommendation articles of all time. I mean, when you lead with Alero--locus majoris of U Street Lame--that's sort of getting behind in the count right off the bat (f'real: you can get a better meal at freaking El Paraiso!). You compound the matter with the following sins: acting blown away by calamari (I guess Kellie Pickler made that cool), repeatedly lauding restaurants for the way their chairs are constructed, failing to realize that while you can get chicken and waffles at Creme it probably priced out another establishment that sold tastier versions of both for a quarter of the cost, strangely referring to Duke's as "the corridor's uptown jazz club" instead of "one of the corridor's..." (uhhhh...Boho Caverns, maybe? Duh much?), being AT ALL enthusiastic about the existence of a Thai restaurant (didn't L'Enfant draw up DC with the intention of having a Thai fusion restaurant every three blocks?), and this sentence--"This place could easily be known as the land where wood meets metal." Could it? Could it easily be known as that? Also, what the fuck does "nouveau surrounding" mean? [The Hill]


tom said...

now THAT'S a fucking title

jordan said...

i thought the place where wood meets metal was chipotle

Here's a Hint said...

The Hill artice:
1. What, uh, great writing.
2. Omission of Tabaq seems rather odd.
3. Having eaten at that Alero many times, my conclusion is that it is slightly overpriced, but really good. The best fajitas I've ever had were there. It's better than the Cleveland Park one, and really, this area sux0rz for mexican food. In DC, Taco Bell is a serious contender (as is Chipotle).

Blogs t r e t c h said...

Could Neko Case have been any more wonderful? I think not.

jordan said...

here's a hint?

not a cactus fan?

believe me, i'd kill to be in dc for some mexican york is even worse...

A. L. Deviant said...

Jordan, La Taqueria on 7th in Park Slope will revive your faith in 5 borough Mexian.