Friday, April 21, 2006

DCeptette: You can't get to heaven with a three chord song version.

  1. On the matter of how to win the fight for choice, William Saletan gets a whole lot right. Especially trenchant is this: "Real ambition isn't about fortifying the territory you've won. It's about moving on so that the territory behind you no longer needs defending." Exactly. Though personally speaking, I don't think the pro-choice movement did that great a job safeguarding the territory won in Roe. There was a whole lot of high-minded rhetoric shouted from the extreme edge of the law's penumbra, sure. But all the while, the anti-choice forces were digging massive holes right through the unguarded center, picking away at the rights that were won--and doing so creatively, I might add, using zoning restrictions and building codes to hobble the work of abortion providers. When it comes to the capital "L" law, the aforementioned zoning restrictions and building codes are tiny, grotty, little utilitarian devices--clearly they were beneath Roe's defenders, who thought high-falutin rhetorical flourishes on Really Deep Thoughts would hold down the fort. These tactics weren't beneath the anti-Roes, and they used their primitive instruments to great effect. Even now, when supporters of abortion rights are telling you that the potential loss of South Dakota's one abortion clinic is tantamount to disaster, they have it completely wrong--the disaster is that for many years leading up to South Dakota's recent turn into Dark Ages style legislative skullduggery, THERE WAS ONLY ONE ABORTION CLINIC IN SOUTH DAKOTA! But for a statistical anomaly, abortion has basically been banned in South Dakota for quite some time! And that indisputable fact is prima facie proof that Roe was never a silver bullet that guaranteed any rights for anyone. Saletan embraces technological innovation as the saving grace--over time, that's true, but in the intermediary he's got no answer for the class divide that affects the efficacy of new technology as a force for social change. However, I think the force of the electoral backlash, coupled with the limited appeal of the rest of the radical right's agenda (an end to contraception, women's health care, workplace protection, etc), the battle can be won decisively in favor of choice--especially if a cogent strategy to specifically fight the battle in the state and local trenches, where politics have the most thunderous force, is embarked upon, and embarked upon now. TETS. [Washington Post]
  2. On to more fun items. First: you don't need to tell me that a new branded column in DCist called "Drunk Amanda..." would kick ass--I already know! Seriously, who could not be behind this idea? I'm a little embarrassed that we didn't come up with it ages ago. [Blog s t r e t c h]
  3. Second, Sommer Mathis is Sommer Mathis everywhere in the DC area--except for at IKEA! There, if you ask for Sommer Mathis, you run the risk of being given a two-dollar plant pot and an ugly looking desk that'll probably break within a year. Caveat blogger!
  4. You have to love Mayor Tony Williams glib and oily way of copping out on finally putting his foot down where Logan Circle Parking is concerned. Here's the line of reasoning he got the dutiful Department of Public Works to parrot: "However, officials with the D.C. Department of Public Works (DPW) last month told The Times that parking laws must be enforced equally throughout a city and a policy dictating otherwise, such as the city's plan to enforce first in Logan Circle and then citywide, would be illegal." Wow. That's like having your house burn down and being told by the fire department: "It wouldn't have been right for us to put out YOUR fire when we have an ENTIRE CITY to protect!" [DCist]
  5. But when it comes to all the unfolding drama and strife between the city churches and their neighbors, this is the best line, regarding the churches' continued resistance to the gay-oriented Be Bar: "Honey, please! Get off the cross, girl. We gays need to get nailed, too." That's right, friend--and while Lawrence v. Texas equates your right to get nailed with anyone's right to worship, at least you are ambitiously moving beyond the territory you've won, one cocktail hour at a time. William Saletan salutes you. [Vividblurry]


Sommer said...

Plan to spend my retirement in a giant Swedish furniture warehouse: foiled again!

Kevin said...

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people? "Saving the Soul of the City." Anyone have the time or energy to come up with 100 better ways to "Save the Soul of the City" than breaking the law?