Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ding Dong! Delay is Done!


Of course, then I read:

The congressman told Time magazine Monday that he plans to make his Virginia condominium his primary residence.

Awwwww, HELL to the NO!


DCepticon said...

I got this news as I was leaving my shower this morning. It was the best news I have ever had while I was naked.

Thehairyape said...

Guys, It's not good news. We would much rather stop on his head after he lost his district to a democrat in November. He's trying to take himself out of the picture for the whole cycle - and it just might work.

PK said...

If the Dems let this little sidestep stop them from using Delay and his cronies as THE central campaign issue this fall, they don't deserve to be elected. It's great news because it means Abramoff has basically sold him out, and he knows it. Whether or not he's in the House, he was still the architect of the GOP majority, and he's still a big fat fucking criminal (and a religious-right hypocrite to boot).

Now, for the real issue... dcepticon, you should really try orgasms. They're GREAT news and you can have them when you're naked all the time!

A. L. Deviant said...

While this news does nearly cause orgasm (w/ or w/out clothes), I tend to agree that too many will say "Oh, he's off the scene. Serves him right. Next!"

I will eat my hat if DeLay doesn't disappear like Libby now. Time will tell.

PK said...

Delay was a lot more important than Libby. Libby was a fall guy, an operator never intended to be anything more than the dirty set of hands to keep others' hands clean. Delay, by contrast, basically OWNED the House. There probably aren't 20 GOP Reps that don't owe their election, in some way, to Delay.

I'm not saying it couldn't happen... but if he really DOES disappear through the cracks, the Dems are letting a golden opportunity pass them by. There is guilt by association here, and EVERYBODY in the GOP is associated with Delay and his amoral money machine.

Kitty921 said...

Yee haw. How the mighty have fallen. It may have been better to stomp his ass in the election, but either way, he's out and the man was responsible for much of the successful evil accomplished by House Reps... now who will lead them?

Stanley said...

His move out of the state is how DeLay is making himself ineligible for reelection

He has to move to get out of the election. Virginia's just lucky, I guess! (That and he'll be better positioned for the commute to some high-dollar lobbying job. Oh, the irony.)

Blogs t r e t c h said...

Dude -- Jon Stewart just totally made your angel gets its wings joke!!