Friday, April 28, 2006

"Documented with a silenced note, / That's only heard from far far away."

This weekend=more excellent chances to see A Bright Room Called Day at Rorschach.

Details on how can be found
here, and mostly here

Nelson Pressley creamed his pants over the show, and said we were "burning with ideological fire." Maybe so. I'll admit only that we at Rorschach enjoy playing with matches, and these are times that would make arsonists of anyone with their eyes open.

But the point is to enjoy the play, and it is very enjoyable and entertaining. Come stalk me at tonight's performance. It is also rumored that DC's version of Mo Rocca, Kriston Capps, will be there,
keeping himself apart from the children.

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Kriston said...

All lies! I saw it last night. It was adults only and hoXXXt.