Monday, April 03, 2006

Follow-Up: Hideous Statuary

A few days ago, the PIABS prompted a remembrance of bad/creepy/brain-befouling statuary, wherein I recalled those halcyon days in Richmond, living on the same street as an awesomely hideous statue of Arthur Ashe. I was reminded this week, however, of an even WORSE statue. "The Aviator." It is a tribute to James Rogers McConnell and it stands on the grounds of the University of Virginia by Clemons Library.

Gaze on that motherfucker, and despair that the best way the sculptor saw fit to pay tribute to McConnell was to graft a pair of leaden wings on his back, strip him of his sex organs, and give him an expression of mild brain death. Be glad I could not find a picture that is closer to this monstrosity. I can tell you that the very first time I ever came bopping around the corner from Newcomb Hall to come face-to-face with this beastie, it made my soul cry.

Looking at it from behind, one imagines the subject was captured at the precise moment he was hit in the back of the head with a crowbar.

Truly, amazingly, awful.


Divine Ms. K said...

Surely you will remember that poor Icarus hasn't been completely stripped of his sex organs... I distinctly remember a frat pledge task involving polishing Icarus' balls with Brasso, until they gleamed with unearthly light.

DC1974 said...

Huh. I always liked that statue. Partly because it's just so ridiculous. I'll give you the Arthur Ashe statue, though, that want is a horrible reminder that all our best sculptors are long, long gone.

Kathryn Is So Over said...

Don't forget the legend of said statue, wherein it will up and fly away if a virgin ever graduates from Our University.

And if you believe that, I have a story about that house visible in the distance, and a little book called "How the Grinch Stole Christmas."

tom said...

the house! I love the story about the house. was it VT that was supposed to be the alma mater of its owner?

The Deceiver said...

K: What the deuce? I swear I remember Aviator being shiny, smooth and sexless. But I stand corrected.

Kath: I totally invite you to tell that story. Tis a good one.

And the devirginizing power of The University is very awesome. I remember meeting an incoming first year one summer at my summer job. She was just darling the way she was naive and innocent and cloistered. She covered her ears when she heard swearwords, for the love of Pete! Clearly, she had one intact hymen.

One year later, she was Phi Mu.

And I imagine you know the ending to THAT story!

Kathryn Is So Over said...

You bet I do. I almost went Phi Mu - pref'd there - and chose the path of less (but not by much) partying when I went Zeta. My GPA thanks me.

divine ms. k said...

Shiny and smooth, perhaps... but definitely not sexless. Check it out: this guy apparently snapped a pic immediately post-Brasso. You can totally see the gleaming of the sack (album name alert!).

divine ms. k said...

Oops... the pic is much larger on his actual web site.