Saturday, April 01, 2006

Good job, Patriots!

I know that the DC-area is heavy-hearted tonight because of George Mason's loss to Florida. But nothing, not even the loss, is going to take away the ineffable awesomeness of what Mason did in this tournament. People love the college basketball, because it's the major broadcast sport where the human heart is most on display. The vulgar celebritizing of pro-sports is a world away and the corporate stupidity of college football is asleep in its cave. What you get are the kids, playing their guts out.

We fill out our brackets every year, in the hopes of making a little scratch, or claiming bragging rights. And if our team is in it, we root like hell for 'em. But the real reason people by the millions watch the NCAA Tournament is that we are all, in some way shape or form, hoping to see something inspiring. The last second shot, the miracle comeback, the improbable upset. I don't remember much about last years Championship. I couldn't tell you who UNC beat to win. I don't remember. But I'll always remember what it was like watching GMU beat UConn and how it felt and how genuinely happy I was for all the kids over at that campus. I couldn't have been more happy to have my bracket utterly destroyed.

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Robson said...

Spot on, m'friend.