Monday, April 03, 2006

The Next Big Thing

Coming up in one week: The Very First Iteration of the F.W. Thomas Performances!

What are they? They are readings, my friend! Word formerly silenced and marginalized on the page, given voice and flight by people who speak them aloud!

What will be read aloud?
Words by the following people.

Jeff Bagato (author of the Mondo DC Guidebook)

Sarah Grace McCandless (author of Grosse Pointe Girl and The Girl I Wanted To Be)

T.M. Lowery (artist and creator of the Skeleton Kids)

and Me.

I will be presenting a staged reading of The Taking of the Orange Line 1-2-3, which many of you saw previously on this blog. It has been newly remixed and revised, and will feature the talents of Elizabeth Chomko (Rorschach Theatre), Caroline Kenney (Solas Nua), Sommer Mathis (DCist, Cruel Sommer) and Scott McCormick (Rorschach Theatre).

Warehouse Theatre Screening Room

1017-1021 7th Street NW
Monday, April 10

Admission: $3

One Night Only.
Space is limited.

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