Monday, May 01, 2006

The 24gasm: 1-2am.

  1. Not to go all Brave network on all of you, but you've got to add Audrey's awesome white coat to the list of casualties this year. That thing was hella stylish and that's no lie. Very Emma Peely. Within Kim Raver's color palette, that is.
  2. New coworker Rachel pointed out this week that Surnow, that known magnificent bastard, thinks of Chloe as the Napoleon Dynamite of 24. So very true. And yet, with the occasional twist, which we'll add later.
  3. I love how during the previouslies, about two-thirds of the way through, they felt like they needed to flash a title card that said, "Jack Bauer." Uhm, yeah, thanks for the clarification. The studio must be getting flack from PR that some of the Johnny Come Latelies are identifying Keef as "The Sentinel" in focus group exercises, and when you are Joel Surnow, magnificent bastard, that simply will not do. No that will not do at all. So they opened up a socket on the previouslies screen and initiated a facial recognition protocol.
  4. Over at Casa Del Buchanan, Chloe is working on getting access to all dat guvvamint shizz, to which she announces that she will "slip in through the subnet." And right away I'm thinking, that's pretty sexy.
  5. Huh. I thought that Wayne was over at the Casa as well! Where did he go? I thought he was all het up to ride the vengeance train where his brother was concerned? Did he realize that he was like, the "Xander" of their little President Slayer Gang and go hide in shame?
  6. Have you noticed that when the phone rings at CTU, it's got this chipper little chirp with a kicker on the end that sounds so, "Ha cha! I am the CTU phone and I am happy to help! Yippee!" And the bad guys phone rings at a musical interval that's all minor key and sad sounding, like, "Oh....darn." This is the kind of picayune shit I pay attention to in the off chance you find it funny. Which of course you won't.
  7. WTF-er CAKES! William Devane, you so did NOT just drive your massive sweaty cheese head off a cliff. Why not try a little evasive driving first? I mean, dude in the chopper can't possibly keep that laser sight on him perfectly. I think deep down, Secretary Devane Cheese Head just didn't want to live. Many reasons occur to me: his son is a git, his security detail is the worst in the biz, he got faced by President Asswipe, and he betrayed his one true love, Jack Bauer. Still, I have hopes that he emerges from the water, knife between teeth all Rambo stizz for a final episode surprise kill--probably saving Kim from a cougar. Or vice versa.
  8. Audrey has the taste for blood now. She feels what Jack feels. That need to quench that insatiable thirst for the bloodening.
  9. Uhm. Okay. Why is Dr. Romano involved in the plot? And why haven't we heard from him before? And am I supposed to be intimidated by the matching clothespins he and his cohorts have stuck in their ears?
  10. Uh, oh. Martha Logan is in the company of Secret Service Agent Harry Belafonte! He's one of the evil Secret Service agents. And he never says a word. But he's bad news.
  11. Martha Logan gets trapped in the room, door locked. Right then I get a phone call. It's my good buddy, former blogger Ben Domenech? "What's up, Ben?" I say. "That's no way to treat a first lady!" Ben says. "Yeah, Ben." I say, "I gotta go." "Thank you for smoking!" Ben says. "Okay, Ben, gotta go." Poor guy. Without someone elses words, he's not much of a conversationalist. He spoons like a gentleman, though.
  12. Reason #54547 to hate Miles: In the middle of a terrorist crisis, he's fishing for props over coming in ahead of time on a bureaucratic deliverable.
  13. Reason #54548 to hate Miles: "I'm not intimidated by Chloe O'Brian." Seriously, dude? You're not? She's played you, what, five times in the last hour?
  14. Speaking of Chloe, I like how she's all worried that Bill Buchanan will mind that she's bossing him around. Shit. The way I read things, Bill Buchanan probably wants to be bossed around. The man is a good leader, but outside the office he's a total bottom. He's probably got a ball gag and a pair of PVC boxer shorts somewhere else in the Casa.
  15. And for her part, I'm willing to bet the top song on Chloe's iPod is "Whip in My Valise."
  16. Jack, out on the tarmac; a man alone...a man in need...a man with his telescope thingy. You know, dud went into hiding. Faked his own death. Kept his secret from his own daughter. But he took his telescope thingy. Because a man just can't lie to his telescope thingy.
  17. Dude, where is Wayne? Seriously. Does he have his feet up in the foot massager? Is he the character who gets to live the 24 dream and actually have a bowel movement during the episode?
  18. For that matter, where is Curtis? I thought this episode was feeling a little too Caucasian. You know, Secret Service Agent Harry Belafonte notwithstanding.
  19. "It's not going to be easy getting through the State Department firewall." A rare occasion in the 24verse of a character saying something that should be obvious to the person they are speaking with. That sort of dialogue happens all the time in the CSIverse, where characters who should effing well know better walk into the room to ask: "Hey, what are you doing?" The other person answers all: "Oh, hey. Yeah, I'm just doing this same technique-thing we do every week. Hey, even though you should know this stuff, you want me to explain it to you?" "Boy do I!"
  20. Maybe Jack will tag the plane like Mark Eko.
  21. Wow. An hour ago, Jack had access to the most powerful weapon in the counter-terrorist arsenal. Now, when he could use it to gain access to the plane, it's elsewhere. Of course, I'm talking about the stair-car from Arrested Development. I'm relatively certain that in the fight against evil, it will play a critical role.
  22. Karen Hays is having a change of heart in this episode, do you think it has more to do with a cognitive awareness of things not being what they seem, or is she just tired of the stink of Miles douchebaggery?
  23. Chloe's going to have to bolt from Buchanan's home, but not before Buchanan gives her his housekey and a bottle of roofies, instructing her: "I leave half-drunk drinks all over the house. Surprise me. Hurt me a little if you want. Just please come back when this is all over, sicken me, make me vomit, boss me around and have your way with me, Chloe O'Brian."
  24. So, these days I'm starting to see the Jack and the Audrey coming together, personality-wise. He's looking to win her back, she's learning to love the thrill of the kill. It looks like a match made in heaven. But, in the last few shots of this show, we see the one thing that Jack loves enough that it could come between them--his bag.

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SHAC said...

The pinnacle of analysis.

What the hell did happen to Wayne Palmer? Coincidentally, the same actor played the new principal on Season 7 of Buffy and scored with Faith. Which Xander also did... I'm seeing the link...

(Xander also saved the world in season 6, so don't be hatin')