Monday, May 01, 2006

The April Top 20.

Our version of what Leafblower does:

  1. Irving, "Jen, Nothing Matters To Me"
  2. Amy Milan, "Skinny Boy"
  3. The Daybreak Line, "Bleeding Hearts"
  4. Calexico, "All Systems Red"
  5. The Dresden Dolls, "Backstabber"
  6. Morrissey, "You Have Killed Me"
  7. The Dresden Dolls, "Sing"
  8. Gnarls Barkley, "Crazy"
  9. McLusky, "To Hell With Good Intentions"
  10. Secret Machines, "Lightning Blue Eyes"
  11. Bishop Allen, "The Monitor"
  12. Love is All, "Make Out Fall Out Make Up"
  13. The New Amsterdams, "The Death of Us"
  14. The Raconteurs, "Hands"
  15. Mates of State, "For The Actor"
  16. The Sounds, "Painted By Numbers"
  17. Drive-By Truckers, "Space City"
  18. The Futureheads, "Skip To The End"
  19. Imogen Heap, "Hide and Seek"
  20. Too Much Joy, "Susquehanna Hat Company"


PK said...

Yes yes, very entertaining. Now please bring back the Sounds album cover. That was getting to be the only reason I ever come here anymore!

Red State-Blues City said...

Nice to see some old-school TMJ rounding out the top 20 for the month.

The Ghost of Gordon Sumner said...

Holy crap, I love that Too Much Joy song. Learned to play iton guitar in high school. Good times.

PK said...

I'm partial to Thanksgiving in Reno, myself. Having actually experienced it, I can tell you that TMJ speaks the truth.