Friday, May 19, 2006

Catastrophe Keeps Us Together.

Well, it's the last weekend for A BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY. You're down to the last three performances and this little group disbands. Perhaps they'll reunite as some Vegas rock show, One-Eyed Grady and the Chomkos. Who knows. But if you still desire to see it, or see it again, as some have done, you got tonight, and then two shows on Sunday. You can stalk me at the final show, where joining me in the Front of House will be Liz (at least supposedly), marking the first time the FOH has been staffed by someone in the show. At least on purpose.

As always, for details, go here, or better yet here. Thanks to everyone for making it a really great run and something I know I'll never forget.

Pimpage TK includes: Forum's Memorandum at H Street, Arabian Night at Rorschach and of course, Unbuckled next week with Georgie Fuckin' James.

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