Thursday, May 18, 2006

DCeptette: I hear Otis would prefer some challah version.

  1. Agh. I know how this feels. [Blogebrity]
  2. Holy shit! This story about the Baltimore jailing a Chantilly couple for asking for directions is mind-boggling. I think we ought to chip in and buy them a couple of "Stop Snitching" t-shirts or something. Imagine what would have happened if you had asked, Joe Queenan steez, "Excuse me, officer, but how do I get the fuck up out of this slum with a decent aquarium that you call a 'city'. [DCist]
  3. In fact, cage match we'd like to see: Mark Plotkin vs. the Baltimore Police. [DCist]
  4. Going Out Gurus: They see shitty movies and they need to pee really badly. Sigh. I thought Mike Grass would have euthanized this shit by now. [Goobs]
  5. Wow. He's blogging. Like for real. Well, welcome to our crapulent little world, kemosabe. [I Apologize...for Nothing!]

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DCepticon said...

We also some fine museums, a football team that has won the Super Bowl in the last decade and a Hard Rock. Since both the Orioles and Nats suck I have nothing to add,