Tuesday, May 09, 2006

DCeptette: I like the deuce of diamonds cutting spades on a glass table version.

  1. After a week of reading some of the poorest writing I've seen in many a day assailing Stephen Colbert's performance at the WHCD, I had hoped that this week would be born anew and we might move on. To sum up: Colbert's supporters assume too much about the neat dovetailing of agendae and are probably a leetle beet envious of how much defter he was at wielding skewers than they are. His detractors spent a week being entirely disingenuous, seeking to convince us that the man wasn't funny (which, unfortch, YouTube allows us serfs to see and judge for ourselves) when what they desperately, whiningly, wanted to prove was that he wasn't effective. Of course, the prima facie evidence to the contrary was the mountain of bad writing. Certainly, Richard Cohen would have been well advised to not make a return trip to the well after his scintillatingly lame column of last week, which I think was titled, "Honest, I am Really, Really Funny Despite The Next Eight Grafs Proving Otherwise." But return he did, with a pussified wail about how he should be able to traffic in patent stupidities without receiving any hate mail (he imagines himself to be the first person who's ever experienced this), followed by several nonsensical non sequiturs he's mistaken for evidence about the Vietnam War, Democratic re-election hopes, rocks being hurled through windows and, of course, blogs--2006's cause of all the world's problems. Well, it's not his fault this extemporaneous gobbledygook got published. What seems strange, though, vis a vis his reaction to Colbert and to the anger he sees out there for Bush, is that on December 10, 2005, he evinced values that seemed very much equivalent. But, like we mentioned before, he's lately become a big pussy. [Washington Post]
  2. Robert Steinbuch, the first person ever to actually believe that an inter-office romance would stay a secret forever, just won't stop suing people! I wouldn't worry too much about it, though. He has such a hard time maintaining his hard on. [ReadExpress]
  3. May is turning into a sentimental time for DC bloggers. First, we get the warm and cuddly tale of the two little Pygs who went "Whee whee whee!" all the way home to their house-eating dog and snuggles galore. Today, Rock Creek Rambler pens a tres jolie epistle to the woman who, we must admit, should probably be elected President of the DC Blogosphere. [Rock Creek Rambler]
  4. Now that we've launched LastCall, we're revising the official DCist InterOffice Disaster Plan to read: "In case of emergency, the first priority shall be evacuating Tommy from the impact zone as quickly as possible, obvs." [DCist]
  5. *Sigh* Dude, my prognosis: you aren't tapping that deaf ass tonight. [Craigslist]


PK said...

Cohen is using the hate mail he received to avoid the obvious problem: His column sucks. He has a very difficult time making any point without taking some insipid anecdote and turning it into statistical fact.

For example: "The hatred is back. I know it's only words now appearing on my computer screen, but the words are so angry, so roiled with rage, that they are the functional equivalent of rocks once so furiously hurled during antiwar demonstrations."

Um, no, Richard. They're NOT the functional equivalent of rocks. You know, sticks and stones and breaking bones and all that.

Is he right? Will the so-called "anger" on the left result in a Republican win in 2008? Maybe. But blaming one political group - because of a bunch of flames you received because you wrote a terrible column about Stephen Fucking Colbert, for god's sake - is pretty much the easy way out. If Hillary needs to "watch out", maybe he should be blaming Hillary...

By the way, on the Craigslist thing, the best line is definitely "I don't know sign language, but I'd give up my hearing to be with you." Sensitive.

The Deceiver said...

Yeah, Richard Cohen seems to imagine himself to be the center of the universe. You know: As my Outlook inbox goes, so goes the nation."

My favorite part was the whole "I've received seven more emails in the time I took to write this." Well, given that he probably struggled for about eight hours trying to write this column, that's really not that big a deal.

Kathryn Is So Over said...

RCR's post was touching, as is your mention.

God help us all if we have DC blog elections, though. For serious.

The Deceiver said...

This is why I dig ol' RCR, even if he likes slackjaw--he can vary wildly from Toledo Lounge pen wielding agitant to lay-it-all-out-there sentimental sweetness, but you know what never wavers? Conviction.

Plus: a John Spencer fan...

PK said...

How DARE you slag Slackjaw?

Kathryn Is So Over said...

PK - I know, right? I keep asking members of Slackjaw for the reunion tour details. None yet.

PK said...

You know, I have and love that record. But still, I don't understand a WORD Cheech sings except for the names of the songs.

PK said...

So, I watched the YouTube, and here's the thing: Colbert actually wasn't that funny. Not as funny as his show. Of course, that's because the topic matter was so deadly serious, and the juxtaposition between the guy who makes all the bad decisions and the guy joking about them was just too stark for my puny mortal brain to comprehend. The Iraq war? Hahahaha! I mean, you know, aside from the tens of thousands of deaths.

The thing that's abundantly clear is that all this talk about Stephen Colbert insulting the institution of the presidency is utter and complete bullshit. W is the one who's insulting the presidency. Colbert is just fighting back the only way he can. God bless him - what he did was a lot harder than being funny.

The Deceiver said...

Yeah. YouTube serves as the MySpace proxy...but same effect: "No, Mr. Pointy Head. I do not in fact NEED you to make up my mind."

To be certain there were jokes, some funny, some not. But I was impressed with the performance, sounds like for the same reason as you. The number of times he turned to W and waited for him to look back at him before he laced him was pretty astounding.

Bottom line: Colbert didn't weara clown nose. He came as the Red Death, like from the Poe story. And the reaction he stirred is only indicative of the tremendous skill by which he poisoned the room.

PK said...

Yeah, I agree. I'm just floored by some of the MSM reaction (see Froomkin's column on it for a good set of clips) that Colbert somehow breached etiquette by not being entertaining enough. Because, you know, I give a ROYAL FUCK whether a bunch of mostly well-intentioned but lazy journalists and the political hacks they love to hate are entertained.

The best quote (New Republic?) was about how the left has adopted a "new Stalinist aesthetic" where the political message is more important than the art. First of all, take a moment to let that Stalin comparison sink in. Because if it's true, well, somebody forgot to clue me in to where all of our secret leftist death camps are.

Second of all: SOMEBODY'S got to deliver some goddamn political messages around here. Colbert just happened to infiltrate the perimeter, and his years of experience conducting mortifying, gasp-inducing interviews of hapless idiots on the Daily Show turned out to be the best training he could have had. He's almost the Manchurian Comedian.