Monday, May 01, 2006

DCeptette: Self-torture and strenuous exercise version.

  1. Hark unto me, you boldfaced words! At last, there is a place for you! A happy hunting ground where you will never be held up to ridicule or judged again. Go now, you princes of boldface, and frolic freely in the...uhm...Grass. [FreeRide]
  2. Wow. I'm in the tank for supporting these Logan Circle area businesses that the churches want kept down in order to keep neighborhood property values low, but Michael Watson of Be Bar sounds like sort of a dick. Though, admittedly, the riposte, "If you are not my friend, don't look at my fucking profile on Friendster," is so fucking off-the-charts where unintentionally hilarious dorkitude is concerned that it's really awfully cute. [Vividblurry]
  3. Typical City Paper: Once again demonstrating they've got their finger on the pulse of no one or no thing, Erik Wemple frames a whole post around: "Ana Marie Cox has been out of blogging for just shy of four months. How long before she returns to her calling?" The answer? Negative four months, give or take a week. Sorry you had to be the last to know, Erik, but hey, you're used to it, right? [CityDesk]
  4. Blind item: Chatting up Pennsylvania-band Aderbat, we described a relatively popular DC band as "The Dave Matthews Band crossed with Ian Mackaye" to peals of laughing agreement. Your guesses as to who was being discussed in the comments. Anyone involved in the conversation, not eligible. And by the way, people of Philadelphia, go see Aderbat.
  5. Rock Creek Rambler returns from Foxfield a little older, a little wiser. We hold out hope that one day he posts something calling out the tacky bitches who wear their Foxfield passes around their necks all over Charlottesville for the rest of the night. That's how you spell tacky, and he's the man to set 'em straight. [Rock Creek Rambler]


Ed said...

Methinks the CityPaper copies too much. The whole "how long can Ana Marie Cox stay away from blogging" thing is totally lifted from a Slate magazine podcast based on this piece, entitled "Stop blogging and start writing."

In the podcast, Andy Bowers interviews the author of the piece and there is the question of whether Wonkette can keep from being Wonkette for too long, or whether she'll return to the blogfold.

Gabriel Fry said...

DMB + Mackaye = Dreamscapes Project? Are they "relatively popular" these days?

Anonymous said...


rcr said...

On Sunday afternoon I saw a girl on the Corner with her Foxfield ticket still attached to her purse. My date asked me why everyone was wearing them - I couldn't come up with an legitimate answer other than "they just do."

Castor OiL said...

Are you referring to this Chuck Brown guy from the Washington Post ads?

I gotta get some coffee.