Friday, May 19, 2006

DCeptette: Who left the lights off version.

  1. Generally off-topic, but because I've been bad at weighing in on the state of the popular music this year (I've dug myself a deep hole as far as a backlog goes and will probably just start in June with a Year So Far dump and take it from there), I feel guilty and I must share. As I prepped myself to listen to Guillemots' EP From The Cliffs, I reminded myself, "Okay. Remember. This is pointy-head, blogger bluzzy music, so if you don't like it, remember, it at least comes from a grand tradition of stuff that's hyped and then fails to capture the imagination." But, damn. Guillemots are GOOD! Kick in the pants good! Rangy, tuneful, great musicianship. And, by God, they are even FUN! What a concept! Go indulge yourself, people. And, Guillemots, please, please, practice and practice and practice some more to avoid succumbing to "CYHSYndrome" when you come to town.
  2. Amanda recommends The Blank Top Chronicles, and I concur. The hilarious escapades of one poor taxi dispatcher, his fortune cookies and the telephone that brings hilarious trouble into his life. [The Blank Top Chronicles]
  3. Jesu, joy of man's desiring! What is up with Washington, DC preachers and their hilarious tendency to fall back upon gay-hating epithets! It's like atrophy has stricken their entire vocabulary. I'm beginning to think that when these dumbass preachers get together, to, you know, plan how to fuck everyone's parking up and how to keep property values in the toilet, the "he who denied it supplies it" rule is in full effect. And Mayor Williams calls out the most recent offender, Bishop Alfred A. Owens of Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church for using a dirty mouth to kiss God with. And, dude, this comes a day after Williams cussed out Mark Plotkin! The Mayor's using his last days to put some motherfuckers on BLAST! Damn. Don't call him a lame duck. [Washington Post]
  4. Staying on the topic of religion, I was down at Catholic University a few nights ago and was blown away by how tomb-quiet the place is at night. Little did I know that all the hot action was off-campus. What's the deal with lacrosse teams in the '06? Worst year ever for them. [DCist]
  5. Mike Grass. A man. A man who blogs. In a suit. [NBC 4]


Michael said...

That's correct. Blogging in pajamas in the office doesn't work all that well.

nm said...

Mmmmm.... Guillemots. Good stuff. Glad you like it.