Friday, May 05, 2006

Life is no cabaret, I don't care what you say...

But we're inviting you anyway.

This weekend, we got BRIGHT ROOM CALLED DAY performansizzles up at Rorschach, in the Sanctuary Theatre at the Casa del Pueblo on Columbia Road NW, between 14th and 15th.

DCeiver personally joins the inimitable Scott McCormick to host tonight's evening of watching the Weimar Republic crumble to dust. Critics have jizzed their gabardines singing the praises of this show. In fact, the sad truth is, you're basically being invited today for NEXT weekend. Our intel says we'll be having a sold out weekend.

But the borders, after all, are full of holes. You can try the always festive waiting list, for example. Artistic Producer Randy Baker takes it as his mission from on high to shoehorn as many people into the audience as possible, so come around 7-7:15 to be first on the list.

Demand has been so high, in fact, that we are adding a 4pm matinee next Saturday, May 14. Grady Weatherford, pictured at right, especially LOVES matinee performances. Just loves them.

For some details, go
here. For all details, go here.

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