Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Our Brand Is Crisis

And so, we run into the final week of A Bright Room Called Day, with shows this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and two shows this Sunday, at 4 and at 8. Audiences continue to flock to this feel-good romp about history backsliding into the abyss and all things bright and beautiful getting trampled under by men in big black boots. If you haven't seen it, you'll want to get yourself into one of these final shows.

And fortune smiles upon you, because we've decided to make tonight's show a discount night. Every ticket=$10. Just ask for the ten dollar rate at the door, or, if you like to use Box Office Tickets (1-800-494-8497 or online), mention or use the code "TENBUCKS" when you place your order. It's a great way to save money and stick it to JJ Abrams and Damon Lindehof.

Pictured above is Lindsay Allen and Alexander Strain. Don't they look so happy? Lindsay will have us producing the finest of "For Your Consideration" PDFs for the Helen Hayes folks to cart around with them. Alex will next be seen at Theatre Alliance in The Monument and then, in Forum's The Memorandum (massive pimping of THAT show to come). If the first read of Memorandum is any indicator, Alex is turning 2006 into his MVP year. And to think he once portrayed a spider living inside Liz Chomko's vagina! Sigh. Those were the daze. Anyway, Alex and Lindsay are just a few of the myriad reasons to get tickets for our final performances of Bright Room right now.

As always, for details, go here, or better yet here.


Gabriel Fry said...

That's a neat show. Do you have a list of the scene change music? There was a song maybe three or four scenes in, it was all slide and distorted guitar noise, side-stick on the snare, and it sounded dangerously close to the intro of an Alphabetical Order song ("Krakow Krakow"). In the interest of knowing who we're ripping off, could you work your connections and find out who it is? The board-op guessed Nina Hagen, but he didn't give me a song title.

The Deceiver said...

I'll ask Matt Frederick, the Sound Designer, and see what the song was.