Tuesday, June 20, 2006

DCeptette: Big heads with no class version

  1. Holy crap. How about that effing storm this evening? I now consider myself certified to drive through the apocalypse.
  2. The Reliable Source checked in this weekend on the state of Jack Evans' love-life. Dude's still wookin' pa nub anyplace he can find it. Try eHarmony or something, Jack. The article seems to clear Evans of any ethical lapses inside gallery owner Marsha Ralls' pantaloons, but we gotta say, the last time we stopped by our favorite double-secret deep background parking garage in Rosslyn, we distinctly remember hearing that while Jack never managed to hit that, it wasn't because he didn't want to! He was, apparently, running quite the at-large campaign in his drawers for her, if you catch my mental. Our advice, get yourself a good wingman, Jack. [Reliable Source]
  3. The Washington Post wants us to feel the pain of interns. Next time, I'd suggest taking the time to demonstrate that any of them experience any definable hardship. Other than, you know, being stupid enough to work for free. The only way to win that game is not to play. [Washington Post]
  4. Jack Burkman is the new Robert Steinbuch. Also the crasser, dumber, more self-deluded version of Robert Steinbuch. [Wonkette]
  5. Mike Grass gets Robin Givhan's money quote on flip-flops, surely the most trenchant piece in that day's paper: "Do not make flip-flops into something they are not." Ooh, Robin. I smell Pulitzer! The rotting, mouldering corpse of Joseph Pulitzer. [FreeRide]

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