Thursday, June 08, 2006

DCeptette: Do you feel like dancing version

  1. Note to Sarah Grace McCandless. I'm not the one with the awesome voice. That's Scott McCormick. I can't take credit for his clear tones and deep dulcet goodness. That said: I hope you beat the pants off of Anderson Cooper tonight.
  2. You know, there was a time when people named Nick Jollymore, Lockhart Steele and Gaby Derbyshire became locked in conflict, there would be like, pinafores and shit. Some bunting, maybe. Not the case with your media mavens of today, it seems. [Gawker]
  3. Quoth Karl Rove: "If America cuts and runs in Iraq, who's going to tell the families that their loss was in vain?" I didn't realize this was an issue! I'd be happy to do that job. [1115]
  4. Anti-affirmative action zealots have managed to destroy the UC system, and yet no one can explain to me why having four "Irish pub" themed bars on Clarendon Boulevard is supposed to be okay. Who died and made the Irish pub the new Thai restaurant, anyway? [A Cruel Sommer/Pygmalion in a Blanket mashup]
  5. Oh, George Mason, for shame. You get a taste of the spotlight and start deciding you're too good for the people that had your back when you were nobodies. I realize that Gunston's just a misshapen pile of sweat-stained green terry-cloth...but that's a bad karma thing to do. [DCist]


DCepticon said...

Thanks Jason and Sarah I am available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

Sarah Grace McCandless said...

Oh boys, boys... let's not argue now!

Jason, I totally remember you and you do have an amazing voice and incredible writing talent. That said, I also remember Scott, and yes, you're right - I did say something to him about his voice, which is definitely one that makes the ladies tremble. Maybe the men too. :)

Whatever, you're both awesome. Let's go get cupcakes.

DCepticon said...

I like sprinkles.