Friday, June 30, 2006

More Nexter Bigger Things: One Month to See Them Both.

Saturday begins the runs of two shows I am proud to endorse, running more or less through July.


Forum Theatre brings you The Memorandum, a dark comedy about the most venal and Sovietalicious office in the world, by playwright and former President of Czechoslovakia Vaclav Havel. It runs through July 23 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in the evenings and Sundays in the afternoon. Directed by Michael Dove, and starring Patrick Bussink, Kate Debelack, Maggie Glauber, Colin Hovde, Jason Linkins, Brent Lowder, Rose McConnell, Sasha Olinick, Alexander Strain, and Jesse Terrill.


The last time Rorschach took you to Germany, the world slid into the Nazi abyss. Which is why this trip to Berlin, only the hottest and sexiest of holes will be slid into. Directed by Jenny McConnell Frederick, it stars Matt Dunphy, Nelina Giridhar, Jessica Hansen, Jason McCool, and Edwin Xavier. It runs through the 30th of July, go here for the times and dates.

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