Friday, June 09, 2006

The Next Big Thing

Thank you, Fee-Fah, for this bounty we are about to receive from you. Sorry I have basically no annual leave built up yet. Love will find a way.

I'm so happy that the greatest sporting event in human history is about to start up again. I'm actually a little sad that it won't require the extremes of devotion that it required four years ago. Yet, hopefully, this means my sleeping patterns won't get any further degraded.

Today, the host nation Germany gets it started against Costa Rica. These are just some of my favorite Torsten Frings! The two teams have never met in the World Cup, but Costa Rica has beaten Germany the last two times they've played in U-20 Championships. Not that it matters much. Just hope Costa Rica doesn't end up on the wrong end of the sort of achtung baby Germany handed Saudi Arabia last time.

Also, Poland takes on Ecuador to round out a day of Group A goodness. Paul tells me that the Polish coach has made all sorts of crazy-ass roster changes, none of which sound very wise to me. Maybe they are embracing the "Pollock joke" as a bit of nationalist fervor?

By the way, if you think you have what it takes to play international soccer, meet Paul this fall in the Pitcairn Islands, where he and the other fifteen able-bodied male descendants of Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian wives will be putting together the footie team to end all footie teams. For real. At least the Pitcairnites have grass.

Also, Clint Dempsey busts one off, Houston-stizz. Just save the syrup for after the group stage is over, Clint. That's all I'm asking.


Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

Germany should at least qualify for the next round, surely. After that, it's all to play for, the ball is round... ;-)

rock_ninja said...


PK said...

On the FIFA soccer games for Playstation, there are like two or three levels of intensity programmed in at which the commentator will say the name of the player with the ball - one when he, say, receives a pass, and another when he dribbles for a while and you're supposed to be impressed.

For some reason it always cracks me up to play Germany, get the ball to Torsten, and just run around with the ball while the commentator randomly goes: "Frings.... FRINGS! Frings... Frings.... FRINGS!" No idea why, but that shit cracks me up...

Ed said...


Damn, I'm ready. But I agree: I kind of wish there'd be midnight madness games, like 2002. I have fond memories of staying up all night to watch the tourney.

Go Yanks!

Allez les Bleus!

Go Socceroos!

HTO said...

one glorious month to begin in about 20minutes...
wot i jimmy reck-on:
- sorry, but USA aren?t going to make it through the first round.
- Ivory Coast to upset group c
- austrailia to upset brazil (injuries if not take points from them)
- italy, england or argentina (if they can get through their group without upset) to win it.
- some (out of sorts) teams in the first round to get a bit of a spanking (see togo, saudi arabia)
- come on steven gerard (sort out your back problems), come on frank, come on joe cole, come on terry, carragher (we all dream of a team of carraghers), che neville, a$hley cole, don't eff up rio but please get your hair cut you dopey plonker, come on little micky owen you pint size genius, and crouch who, no matter how you put it, has a good touch for a big man, and tabloid wayne while taking time out from filming Shrek sequels and getting your knacked foot fixed, come on england... please.

HTO said...

i'm updating my first prediction... in addition to not getting past the first round, i don't even think the us will score a single goal.