Thursday, June 15, 2006

Wemple performs hasty dismount.

We hear now from the Bowl of Fish that Eric Wemple, mere hours after offering the staff of the Village Voice some editorial homilies about his sandwich preferences, bolted back to resume editing the Washington City Paper. Which begs the question: What is going on at the Village Voice that would bring him running back to a paper who's last great innovation was to review the food served at area churches?

Based upon the Village Voice's own take on the matter, we're guessing that Wemple freaked when he learned that the paper had become a
veritable Gitmo for metaphors:

"The Voice is an enormous and complex horse race. We asked Erik to mount several ponies mid-stride, and he was alarmed to find us still in several of those saddles."
Ponies? Saddles? I think I know someone who'd make a great editor!

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Anonymous said...

The Voice was bought out by a newspaper conglomerate a few months back. Lot of staff turnover and such as things get corporatized.