Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Conversations in real time.

[On the set of THE MEMORANDUM, an hour before last Sunday's performance.]

DCeiver: Mike, I hear that you'd like me to cut the fisting bit.

Michael Dove: I had a note on that.

Cast member: Fisting bit?

DCeiver: When I talk about Dr. Savant "making up the part about the ychajz ybul." It's in Ptydepe. I just thought the audience might like to know what "ychajz ybul" might be.

Michael: Okay, but fisting?

DCeiver: There's not a lot of time to do something elaborate. That was the gesture that sort of...came out.

Michael: Yeah, I think we should cut it.

DCeiver: Hey, that's cool with me. The fisting bit is cut.

Michael: Thanks.

DCeiver: Oh, Michael, by the way...

Michael: What?

DCeiver: This has easily been my favorite conversation with a director, ever.


Anonymous said...

I must say I saw the show with the fisting bit in and thought it was hilarious!

A. L. Deviant said...

I wish I could see the show. I bet Ann Coulter wishes she could see the show prior to the director's edit as she, apparently, as some secret love of fisting.


Anonymous said...

Can you sneak the fisting bit back in on Friday the 21st? Dove is a pansy.

Anonymous said...

I'm boycotting the show until the fisting is returned. Do you think a public campaign and flyers might help bring it back? Metro ads?

Herr Dictator said...

Oh, good god. I was simply worried that some sexual deviant with a dodgy heart would keel over at the sight of someone miming a "fisting" in a Vaclav Havel play! But, many people do compare him to our old Pres, Slick Billy...

Plus, I can't deal with the thought of Ben Bernake and his wife discussing it after the show.