Thursday, July 13, 2006

DCeptette: Crime Emergency and I version

  1. Did you hear about the time some white people died and the entire city went more bananas than a gaggle of bipolar hypoglycemics at an Easter Egg Roll? A CRIME EMERGENCY has been declared! CRIME EMERGENCY differs from all other times in the city, hereafter known as CRIME WE'LL GET TO IT WHEN WE FEEL LIKE IT. Though, maybe it's just us, but it seems that the only thing the state of CRIME EMERGENCY does is accord the Chief of Police a brief window of time during which he is allowed to exert actual authority over the police force? [Washington Post]
  2. But, nevermind, people! CRIME EMERGENCY! Time for John Aravosis over at America Blog to completely come apart at the seams and compare Washington to A Clockwork Orange. Jesus, I wish! Most nights, I go out and end up feeling so shagged and fagged and fashed--it being a night of no small expenditure. I could use a 24 hour milk bar to get some milk plus vellocet or synthemesc or drencrom. Then cap it off with a bit of old Ludwig Van. Great bolshy yarblockos to you, Aravosis, for getting my hopes up. [AmericaBlog]
  3. Though, from what we hear, the dregs of the droogs will soon come to be located at Madhatter. [Why.I.Hate.DC]
  4. Of course, this didn't help: On this day in the history of Rock in DC, the lowly remnants of the Axis of Navelgaze took to the DCist comment stream to announce the launch of their fatwa against Georgie James. [DCist]
  5. On days like today, it's good to have a little bit of levity. And what better joke than professional schmuck Robert Steinbuch, who stuck himself into the stalactite-ridden cooter of Jessica Cutler and now needs twenty million dollars from anyone even remotely involved in forcing him to take responsibility for his own choices so that he can feel good about his dick again. Yes, Metropolitans, who will survive this...CRIME EMERGENCY! [The Reliable Sourceresses]


Scissors? said...


There was no fatwa against Georgie James, just a bunch of people questioning why the band had received three show reviews when being together only a few months and expressing opinions disagreeing with the review. Your commentary, on the other hand, suggesting that anyone who doesn't think Georgie James is the second coming in pop form is a self-hating loather of good music, was frankly obnoxious and made you look quite the faux-elitist fool. But, hey, it's up to you how you want to appear on DCist--you can sneer down at us "unenlightened ones" from your pedastal, only we hope you notice us roll our eyes and walk away.

It's wrong to stereotype people, didn't yo momma teach you that?

(and now the author waits for the hideously long response featuring a vast use of vocabulary to cover up any sense of humility, and the use of many obscenities against author and... zzz... Oh, shit, did I fall asleep? Still, I love the site.)

Anonymous said...

People who can't spell "pedestal" don't get to complain about other people being up on them.

Anonymous said...


I don't think anyone is acting like Georgie James is the scond coming of anything, especially the DCeiver. But they are pretty fucking good, especially for a band that's played about ten shows. I really don't think a solid argument can be made against articles about a) a DC band playing their first DC show to a sold out audience that included many of the DCist staff, b) a DCist Unbuckled show that included THREE DC bands, and c) a review of the Camera Obscura show that happened to have Georgie James as an opener. So at this point are all bloggers supposed to ignore any Georgie James-related show to compensate for the unrelenting, 24-hour media frenzy that has been the last 6-months in the life of one Georgie James? Give me a break. I don't know what band you are in that hasn't gotten any attention from some scene, but you and a few others are the ones who come off as obnoxious, faux-elitist fools, and snivelling little bitches to boot. You, sir, or madame, whichever you may be, are quite a twat.

The Deceiver said...

Ha. Looks like there's no need for me to run with Scissors.

When the day comes where you learn to roll your eyes and walk away I'll be greatly relieved. It's all the yap yap yap that gives me a headache.