Thursday, July 06, 2006

DCeptette: Dig me out version

  1. It's Sommertime! Congrats to Sommer Mathis, who has become the latest blogger to wear the mantle of DCist editor. We credit her liberal "give the contributors milkshakes" policy as the means by which she rose to this position. Now, we need to find an intern willing to go to the gym and watch TV for her. [Cruel Sommer]
  2. Many thanks to DC's version of Mo Rocca for coming through on the Sleater-Kinney ticket procurement front. [Grammar.Police]
  3. Theatrically-minded people should take note that for the time being, The Rorschach Theatre Blog is DCeiver-enabled. I've already been told that constant profanity may cost us our audience of middle-school English teachers. So, I've got some fucking shit to get out of my fucking shit-ass system on these pages. Fuck already. Jesus. Anyway, look to those pages for The Shows That Rorschach Will Not Be Doing Next Season. And, in advance, I say: Sorry, middle-school English teachers. Keep on helping the children. This too shall pass, as soon as Scotty finishes his mid-life crisis tour. [The Rorschach Theatre Blog]
  4. If you are of the literary bent and in the market for a brand-new, hilariously surreal blog, check out The Infantry.
  5. Trapped in a Yoplait commercial? Uhm, okay. We'll just go with that. [Craigslist]

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