Friday, July 07, 2006

DCeptette: We refuse to be bullied by facts version

  1. Shorter FishbowlDC: "Would someone please come along and write this blog for us?" [Fishbowl, later growing increasingly desperate.]
  2. We issued a call yesterday to unite behind the banner of the Butterstick Liberation Front, and already, we've identified at least one comely lass whose ardor for the Stick is described as "militant." The need, you Friends of the National Zoo, is great. Just today we read about how the Chinese are apparently disembowelling Falun Gong adherents as a part of some forced organ donation campaign! Uhm, yeah. These are JUST THE PEOPLE we want negotiating with Kim Jong Il! Anyhoo, surely we cannot possibly submit Butterstick to their tender mercies. [1115]
  3. The honorable Matthew Perpetua will be joining Bluestate this weekend on the decks at the Black Cat, so, you can expect to be asked to dance to the Fiery Furnaces. My challenge to the esteemed Fluxblogger and the rest of the Bluestate crew: which one of you will have the balls to drop "Up In Dem Guts?" You better recognize. [Aziz Ansari is Bored]
  4. Warning. New York City is conspiring to take Karl Miller away from us. [What's Good/What Blows]
  5. "Drinking manganese, I think I'm drinking manganese I really think SO!" [WJLA]

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Ed said...

Would that be Matthew "Et Lux" Perpetua?