Thursday, July 20, 2006

DCist 1, Examiner 0

So today, Ryan Avent and Colin Peppard responded to an insanely asinine editorial in the Examiner with a well-orchestrated online takedown that brims with vim. Hint: you may be seeing it in another forum soon enough. You have to admire the effort, especially from Ryan--he's on his way out the door and out of the country, but he still has the focus to take a moment and polish off the Examiner, like he was settling all family business.

You can read what they have to say, here. There's not much need, or indeed room, for further comment, but if I may inject, the shakiest--indeed most non-sensical--part of their premise is their attempt to paint Metro as a tool of the elite. Hilariously, they select, from among other exclusive communities, Fairfax County--known colloquially on these pages by their highly appropriate nickname, "Band Camp"--as their idea of Metro riding princelings, as if a) Fairfax didn't have a middle class, b) Fairfax didn't have a lower class, c) it was unnecessary for anyone to ever have to ride out there from elsewhere, and d) most people experience the Vienna Metro as a cross between British Airways and the Acela crossed with being a demi-billionaire toff. What to the evs, Examiner.

But the HILARIOUS thing is the Examiner coming off like they've earned the place where they belong criticizing anyone for being a tool of the elites. In the vast history of Pot Kettle Expressionism, the Examiner's comments in this regard are, indeed, the Chateauneuf de Pape of unintended irony. Need we remind you, Examiner, of your own newspaper distribution policy?

Yeah. When WMATA starts chucking unsolicited Orange Line trains on the front yards of Fairfax County, then we start talking about elitism. Until then, Washington Examiner, shut the fuck up.

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damiansinc said...

Sorry, I just love on the map for where the white people are that the highest concentrations are denoted with black.