Friday, July 21, 2006

Fortune Favors the DCeiver

How hot is this? The preliminary report from the mechanic is that the car I believed to be potentially damaged beyond repair as a result of Deluge 2006 has somehow found a way to sort through it's myriad problems and heal itself! WTF to the max! We hope this storyline continues.

It's Friday, the day I usually try to get you all to see either The Memorandum or The Arabian Night, but guess what? Both shows: sold out through the weekend. If you want to pay to play this weekend, either come early enough to rough it on the waiting list or check out the Capital Fringe Festival downtown.

Thanks to the Powers That Be for kicking me some love for the weekend.

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Sharon Rose said...

I hear ya, dude! One of our vintage London Taxis was at a shop getting a wheel alignment when they dropped a damn WINCH on him. Knocked him off the rack and rolled forward into the wall. We had a two car shows this month, too. Now we're just hoping we'll have the same luck as you and we'll get him back AT ALL. Viva Le Wallace!!