Friday, August 04, 2006

DCeptette: Nostalgia, you're using it like a whore version.

  1. More movie geekery. Check your Reuters during the next few days, because yours truly was solicited for many comments on the upcoming Snakes On A Plane. Hopefully I gave decent copy and won't come off sounding like an idiot. Though readily admitting that you planned your vacation around the release date may end all hopes of that.
  2. So, Mike Grass is gone for a couple weeks to deal with some family matters, leaving Kriston Capps in charge over at ReadExpress. I tried to give him advice based upon what I learned subbing for Ana Marie Cox, which mainly boiled down to--"Dude, if you can, expense everything." I think, though, if Kriston is going to maximize his Mike Grass subbing experience, he's going to have to go full-tilt: that means not just providing copious content. It means living the Grass life completely: waking up at 5am, tending to the needs of Mike's great-aunt, hiring and then later firing Rob Goodspeed, insisting on the existence of a "North Cleveland Park," and eating Saturday breakfast at Krupin's.
  3. GogBlogger Jen Chaney, in re/previewing cutting-and-pasting from a press release for Little Miss Sunshine, says "Soon, the phrase 'He's in the trunk of our car' will set off seizures of laughter among your in-the-know friends." Uhm, yeeeeeeaaaahhh, I've got a crisp dollar bill that says not even your friends are that stupid. [Goobs]
  4. So glad this piece was written, because it's true: Harvey Danger is indeed "better than you think." A good trip through their body of work that will almost certainly win the Information Leafblower's approval. [T-Sides]
  5. DCist had a story on the tatty little "video communique" and hundred-person rally in support of Borf/John Tsombikos. Apparently, it was a lot of marginally sustained pooftery as Borf's little band of suburban rubes, armed with their nonsensical amalgamation of anarcho-politics and the desperate need to go to trade school or something, struggled to not get lost marching through the big city. The Borf-politik continues to be the most laughable part of the whole dipshit experience: a giant Eric Hoffer parody of bourgeois kids who bought their ideology retail and wouldn't be caught dead employing the discipline it takes to master it. Anyway, there's one Tsombikos in the phone book, the address is readily available, so why not give back to his family's private property what he has so generously bequeathed to DC? His mom's investment is our playground. [DCist]


Taylor said...

hey, thanks for the link!

IMGoph said...

we certainly do need to make her investment our playground. thanks for the laughs, jason.