Thursday, August 17, 2006

DCeptette: Yeah, no one likes a smart ass, but we all like stars version

  1. One of the amazing things about how effing incredible George Felix Allen's "macaca" moment is that if it hadn't happened, we might be talking about how badly another Republican shit the bed yesterday. I'm talking about Mike Conallen, the Chief of Staff for Pennsylvania Congressman Michael Fitzpatrick, who last week apparently took complete leave of his senses and ambushed Fitzpatrick's opponent, Patrick Murphy, on a media conference call to bicker with him over a matter pertaining to debates that Conallen didn't seem to realize had already been decided. He remained on the call after Murphy and his guest, John Kerry had rung off, speaking as if totally addlebrained before a shocked and bewildered group of reporters who were apparently gobsmacked to listen to Conallen come completely off the rails, racking up God only knows how many ethics and election violations as he publicly humiliated himself. If this Conallen guy isn't checked in to a rehab clinic by the weekend, it's only because there isn't a soul in all the world that cares for his well-being. [Fact-esque]
  2. I have not gotten to hear these tracks yet, but if you've ever wondered what a crunk tribute to Radiohead might sound like, wonder no longer. It's like I told Leafblower: when you really think about it, the only thing keeping Radiohead from asserting total global dominance is the fact that they do not yet own pimp cups. [Stereogum]
  3. Oh, look! It's Big Head Rob's biggest scoop yet! [BHR]
  4. There's only one thing left to say when the blogosphere's smarmiest douche starts lamenting the coming of flip-cup to Wonderland: "I want these motherfuckin' unintended ironies off these motherfuckin' interwebs!" [Metroblogs]
  5. Here's a blog post promising a profile of Feist that does not actually involve any member of Broken Social Scene. This is the first time this has EVER HAPPENED on the blogosphere. [FishbowlDC]

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Tom Bridge said...

Speaking of Wayan, I urge you to check out the photo linked from this post.

Epic. Mullet.

Need I say more?