Sunday, August 20, 2006

Go Snakes!

For real, y'all. Snakes On A Plane worked, dude. They pulled it off. I think that many of the people for whom SOaP has been a minor obsession felt the same way the day the movie opened--after all that hype, the product had to be a let down. But fuck if they didn't manage to put together a fucking enjoyable flick simply by doing what they said they've been doing ever since Sam Jackson bitchslapped the studio into changing the name back to Snake On a Plane--being true to itself.

The movie was more cagey than smart, more fun than good, and more willing to find unique thrills within a formula than try to fuck with the formula itself. It managed to deliver exactly what it promised--personally, I think it managed to edge past expectations. And with an overeager crowd in the house to add its own steady stream of enthusiasm, the whole viewing experience was enjoyable as hell.

I agree with the Governess that the one thing that should have been added is some sort of classic sequel-baiting ending--one of those "The End?" type of endings or some gang of snakes swearing blood-oaths or something. But, for a fun, pretension-free night out, it was megaton superfly. We came hyped, we left hyped. We hope everyone else had as good a time as we did.

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MJF said...

Hehe, I was waiting to hear your reaction. Mine was the same: exactly what I was expecting. The only thing that would have made it better for me would have been seeing it in a sold-out NY theatre where everyone had rubber snakes and other props, as my college friends did, rather than with a mere 21 others at the Thursday 10 p.m. White Flint show...