Sunday, August 20, 2006

Hiatus Time.

We are going on hiatus for one week. We thought about getting a guest blogger but at first we were like, "Well, all the bloggers we like are like, writing blogs that we like. So if they spend their energy here, that's not fair to their blog readers." Then we thought about training a person to do it, but we realized that we really don't like most people. Then we thought about training an animal to do it, but it's really cruel to get an animal mixed up in the sordid and hateful world of blogging. Then we ran into our favorite Wonkette guest-blogger, Holly Martins, while we were out Thursday night, but then we got too shy to ask.

So, then, hiatus.

Of course, given our obsessive need to post stuff, you can believe that when you see it. But there is a stack of shit I need or want to read and I'll be damned if I'm going to let you stop me, interwebs. I will be good and goddamned.

So, we'll be back soon. A week, dammit. Okay, probably less. We have music stuff to come, and stuff about the mayoral race, and a transcript of the first meeting of Lieberman's imaginary political party, and the stuff that usually happens here.

And, if you're one of those blogs we should have put on our blogroll a long time ago, like circumlocutor and that Express blog and PK's new blog and stuff, remind us, and we'll add you when our hiatus is over.


[peace out, bitches. see those snakes on that plane!]

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Liz Gorman said...

The fact that you're currently listening to Middle Distance Runner is totally awesome. They're really good guys and I took some of the photos on their myspace.