Sunday, August 20, 2006

Who's To Say We Shouldn't Spend All of Our Tax Dollars Pursuing EVERYBODY's Pissy-Pants Fantasies.

I just was reading on some jackass blog something that intimated that we shouldn't accept anything less than a unified government in Iraq because 94% of Americans polled want it to be so.

Fucknoodles. I can tell you that 100 PERCENT of DCeivers polled wants gold doubloons to magically and painlessly shoot out of his ass everytime he feeds the fucking cat, but GUESS WHAT BEDWETTERS! If wishes were Iraqi unified governments I'd be some stuck up twat living in an expensive Baghdad condo bitching about how the Trader Joes is 1.6 miles from my condo when I FUCKING deserve it to be 1.2 miles from my condo. I mean, WHAT DOES A GUY WITH A ROOM FULL OF LOOTED ANCIENT ART HAVE TO DO TO GET A MOTHERFUCKIN' SMOOTHIE UP IN THIS CUT!?!

So, as usual, to 94% of America, I say: suck me.

Now, I need to get back to my hiatus.

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First Year said...

Is that the percentage that lives somewhere in midwest hell?