Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yeah, but just you wait for the Diplo remix of this shit.

Egads. There are worse things than Sleater-Kinney getting cancelled by the black smoke monster from LOST. To wit: this new commercial from Appalachian State University, which combines inscrutability with crapulence and bakes it inside a gordita shell made up of an utterly appalling jingle. Brother of DCeiver, who is a proud ASU alum and currently lives in the "best apartment in Boone, North Carolina" (source: Zagats) has already pre-booked his grave site to allow for maximum rolling, should the sight of this monstrosity kill him.

Still. It's better than the new Killers song. Oooh, snap!


Boutros said...

I think that musician graduated from the University of 80s TV Theme Song Composition. Is this the doing of Greg Evigan?

The Governess said...

"hot hot hot" has been used as a description for, well, just about anything pertaining to my ASU-grad sister-in-law,(also a COMMUNICATIONS MAJOR, a department I believe may have been responsible for this "movie" in the first place) for a few years now.

proud as a peacock, the girl is. it's just missing star wipes.

A. L. Deviant said...

I don't know any ASU grads. And I am sure there is a global warming joke to be made w/ all the "Hot Hot Hot" stuff. Maybe the song's writer is secretly a Buster Poindexter fan.

And love the the soulful background vocal solo as soon as they show the African American student graduating. Clearly diversity is a strong suit for the school.

The Deceiver said...

OMG! And they have a brief shot of a peacock when they sing "proud as a peacock"--just so, you know, people watching it don't miss the metaphor!

It so totally needs star wipes, though.