Friday, September 08, 2006

DCeptette: If anybody needs me, I'll be in the angry dome version.

  1. Tending to way old business: Yeah, I can see why one would find the "Exit to Eden" story from the City Paper a little lightweight and too frivolous to justify all the column inches. But let's consider the positives. First and best: Lo-Ann Lai is teh HAWT. Second, it's a rare week that Wemple and his merry crew of quasi-journos don't put up a cover story where the quotes are all bent up and tortured beyond their context and facts get trumped by agenda-driven truthiness. Plus, I love me some Vietnamese food. I straight up get my Pho on, and I drank-sip that Saigon coffee like Paul Wall hits the Robo. [Why I Hate DC]
  2. And if gridlock buries my, my neighborhood, and if the commuters are crying, suck it, because nobody's building any damn tunnel from my window to Tyson's Corner. [Washington Post]
  3. New blog promises to cover cultural mecca College Park, provided your definition of "mecca" is "shithole" and your idea of "culture" is riots, bonfires, and wall-to-wall grab-ass. [The College Park Site]
  4. What's CNN planning for 9-11? Well, one of their interweb "pipes" is going to rebroadcast the events of that day from start to finish. Holy effing eff, y'all. Worst plan ever. And not just because we don't need a day-long rehash of CNN not knowing shit about shit and rebroadcasting the same five or six video clips again and again. What adds insult to injury is that the one thing America has managed to get past and gain closure on since that day is the television career of Aaron Brown. [Gawker]
  5. Less than a year later, Lindsay Lindsayism has seemingly relented on the position that spawned at least one regrettable hit-piece. But don't take my word for it! Read all about it on Gothamist tomorrow when Jake "reports" this as "news." [Lindsayism]


lindsay said...

I don't regret it one bit, and I stand behind every word - it is still rude to take a person's photo without their permission. The photo on Deadspin was taken *with* permission because Nikola is a professional - I was jokingly bitching about Will choosing that photo to publish. My "epiphany" is that I don't give a shit anymore. There will always be rude people out there, and new technology will always give them new ways of ruining concerts and parties for the normal people.

The Deceiver said...

I'm totally with you. My feeling is, if you can't tell which people are ANGLING to have their picture taken, then you ought to reconsider whether you have a future in photography. It's one thing when you're, like...Blackface Jesus. Another thing entirely when you are simply trying to mind your own business.

Erik said...


College Park isn't THAT much of a shithole... I mean at least CStone isn't as bad as Dan's Cafe... I guess that's the appeal of Dan's Cafe though.