Friday, September 29, 2006

DCeptette: Night shift at the thrill factory version.

  1. Your weekend pick, should you be so bold to accept it, is this: Take your momma OUT tonight, to My Bakery and Cafe at 2233 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, to see the pure rock stylings of The Charm Offensive, the only DC band to feature the guitar stylings of Congressional Quarterly's resident Graham Greene aficianado and spouse to the Original Wonkette, Chris Lehmann. They will rock your balls. They will be using the Pick of Destiny. And it's for two good causes, the first being the St. Lukes Shelter, the second being YOUR INSATIABLE FUCKING NEED FOR ENTERTAINMENT! [The Charm Offensive]
  2. Hmmm. Now who's being "too sexy for Reston?" [Craigslist]
  3. Just as from time to time the tree of freedom must be watered with the blood of tyrants, so too must our city be watered with the misdirected tears of those who mistake its citizenry for the tri-corner hat-wearing clowns of Colonial Williamsburg. [DCist]
  4. We, of course, concur, with the added stipulation that if you happen to drop your wedding band into a vat of chum and human excrement, the one you toss in to fish it out is Kendra. [Pygmalion in a Blanket]
  5. You know, we don't subscribe to the notion that blogging=journalism. Not on any level. Blogging is basically the "demented and sad, but SOCIAL!" wing of the interweb party. Still, we've seen some bloggers flourish in rarefied air--think the New Orleans Metroblog team manning their post during and after Katrina or some of the indelible writing and images that Londonist managed the day of their subway bombing. That's brave stuff, rare stuff, not easily repeatable stuff. And then, you have the other end of the spectrum... [Metroblogs]


Kathryn Is So Over said...

God bless John Bender. Hands down my most-often-used quote from the entire John Hughes oeuvre.

wayan said...

Jealously is never pretty. That "other end of the spectrum" had 11 more comments than your end of the interweb.

The Deceiver said...

CAN YOU NOT READ, DUMMY? The "other end of the spectrum" is NOLA Metroblogs coverage of Katrina and Londonists bombing coverage. Both of which generated thousands of comments. What possible reason would they have to be jealous?