Friday, September 22, 2006

DCeptette: Y'all Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind, Up In Here Version

  1. Sigh. I am usually an indomitable wall of factchecking, but I suppose I was due for an Alessandra Stanley moment. See if you can find it, kids! [DCist]
  2. Either Rees feels I've impugned the Scissor Sisters, or he thinks the word "vertiginous" is a slur. Anyway, the truth is I feel that Rees' very existence proves heterosexuality has a lot to answer for. [Crack City]
  3. But enough about me. Could there be a more vile imagining than picturing a half-naked Nancy Grace in your hotel room, hungry for a mouthful of defense attorney wang? [Wonkette]
  4. Maybe it's attempting to imagine the circumstances that would lead to DMX getting raped. This is going to set the DC hip-hop scene back decades. I ask you: Where was his dogz at when he needed you most? Where was you at, dogz? [Cicrumlocutor]
  5. You know, maybe all that super-dupe development--the retail, the restaurants, the bars--around the baseball season that Mayor Williams promised would come and fill our coffers with gold isn't going to materialize, but if I know Washingtonians, they are going to find a way to enjoy themselves no matter how much the Nationals suck. And, hey, speaking of DC sports teams, sodomy, questionable hookups and mouthfuls of wang...[Deadspin]

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Anonymous said...

What a riot. Yeah, ya big homophobe. How dare that...whatever it was you said.

What the hell is he TALKING about? Hell, what the hell is he EVER talking about?! Too funny.