Wednesday, September 13, 2006

DCeptette: Zombie eat brains...but zombie cannot swallow this injustice version.

  1. Talk about a seven-layer dip of blog-based sadness! [Unrequited Narcissism]
  2. Great work, Metropolitan Police Department! It's heroes like you that give the Iraqi Security Forces that badly needed veneer of comparative competence. [Washington Post]
  3. Take away that chain link fence, and I would stayed at Adams Morgan Day ALL DAY LONG. But not being able to wang Wemple in the mug really diminishes the enjoyment. Sommer, you didn't miss out on anything. [FishbowlDC]
  4. How does a guy just throw himself an "Ethnic Rally?" Isn't that like giving yourself the Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence? [Wonkette]
  5. Stay classy, Blue Line! [Craigslist]

1 comment:

jordan said...

i can't decide which is worse...that the dog got shot, or that the police officer fired his gun in a park filled with people...