Friday, September 08, 2006

Get Your War On!

This is Amy Miley, super-hot, Mary Louise Parkeresque wifey of our good friend Travis Mills, caught on camera mouthing what's no doubt a hilariously scabrous string of profanity. Amy is part of Austin's Rude Mechanicals--not to be confused with our own, equally cheeky, Laurel-based, Snakes on a Plane synergizing, Antony and Cleopatritizing theatre company of the same name (though someone should definitely plan a mixer)--and they will be coming to the city to perform their much-loved adaptation of David Rees' TOTES AWESOME comic Get Your War On!

If you are not by now familiar with the comic, get your sweet ass out to the website to see it right this very very instant, because quite frankly, you are, will, and should be thought of as an absolute, no-account plebe and a kneebiting crybaby jerkoff until you bask in its sweet sweet wisdom. Seriously.

Amy and her ATex cohorts will be bringing their show to Woolly Mammoth from October 5-14. Details can be had here. The show basically boils down to long, profanity-laced scenes in which the War Against Whatever is given precisely the accounting it deserves. I love that Woolly has it as a show appropriate for 14 and up. I think kids should get in free.

We'll probably remind you closer to the event itself. And all my peeps in Philly should be getting prepared to get THEIR war on right now because the show will be touring there September 13-16 at Arden Theatre Company's Arcadia Stage as a part of the Live Arts Festival. Go see it, because it will help you motherfucking endure your motherfucking freedom.


dmac said...

I'm gonna try to go. Even if I can't get a free ticket through my paper. I've been doing this blog thing for two years and I'm still a linkwhore.

Eh, I like it that way.

Joshua Engel said...

The mixer's already planned. We call it "Get Your Drink On".

Somebody should invite New York City's Rude Mechanicals as well.