Monday, September 11, 2006

Mediabistro Readers Kvell Over Mediocrity

A Mediabistro reader wrote in:

It pains me to read that people are suggesting that Moira Bagley beat the Post to the story on H Street NE. Indeed Fritz Hahn's Weekend section article appeared after Bagley's, but he's written a bunch of other pieces on H Street NE before this over the past year. He's had his ear to the ground on this well before Moira knew that there was an H Street NE.

Yeah, well, it pains me to hear that people are actually fussin' a feudin' over which non-entity got to this non-story first, which by my count, would actually answer the question: "Which media nobody penned the 34,362nd and 34,363rd article on the H Street revitalization." But, you know, it IS September 11. I guess there's not much else going on today.

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